Meet Dr. Katz

As often is the case, Dr. Katz is a woman on a mission to change lives through changing our minds. She has had to “write her own prescriptions” for herself, her family, and a host of others throughout her journey in order to live a better life and provide for those who depend on her the most. Her practice is a model for her lifestyle.

Dr. Katz’s mission is to ensure that people have a way to get their needs met and their dreams satisfied, whether in health or life in general. She is a business woman at heart and desires to make sure those closest to her leave a legacy for their families. Her compassion and love for people shows through in everything that she does. Dr. Linda Katz is one doctor you want to get to know.

I do all this because I enjoying helping people and exposing them to the good things in life.

Dr. Katz


Because they work!

Ice is hard, heavy and wet. This can be troublesome also to actually “do” when prescribed. Our Katz Pack makes ice packs easy! Just place it in the freezer - no mess, no fuss. The Katz Pack also doesn’t get so you burn yourself. It’s not a dry heat.

No odor, no worrying about fragrance. You can wash them and put them under water and let it dry. Fo the most part, they last about 20 years. These are great for pets who are healing! Ask me about bulk orders.

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